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How small can an apartment be?

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Now as to JL's reply to my reply to his response to my post of Dorothy
Parker's witticism in which I asked what did she mean by "purse"? JL glibly
says she meant "purse". To his summary dismissal of my cogent question, I
reply: "Who steals my purse steals trash."

Well, etymologically Dorothy Parker's purse came from the Latin 'bursa'.

The meaning "woman's handbag" is attested from 1951 -- notably from
Parker's Journals. The meaning "sum of money collected as a prize in a race,
etc.," is earlier from 1640s.

But the question is if a small apartment may contain such a prize IF BIG.
(Unless we assume Parker is contradicting herself -- cfr. Walt Whitman, one
of Bloom's heroes: "I contradict myself all the times, which is natural: I
contain multitudes.")



"The apartment was so small there was barely room to lay my purse and a few

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