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<<I  like big dogs, all the  
way up to Bernese Mountain dog and  Newfoundland.  >> 
Our neighbor has 5 great danes, the  size of ponies.  I lust after them 
constantly.  Several years ago in  another city I lived next door to a guy who 
a dog which was a mix of St.  Bernard and golden lab.  It was gorgeous.  And 
absolutely huge.   It *ate* the side view mirror off my car.  And it was 
incredibely  gentle.  Named "Kimba".  I would have killed to own that dog.   
Julie Krueger 

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On Jan 23, 2006, at 7:27 PM, Ursula Stange  wrote:

> Really David, how can you put black labs in the same  sentencewith  
> biiiiig truuuuuucks? They are the suckiest dogs on  the planet.   
> Although I have heard some breeders suggest not  to get them if you  
> have small children.  But that's because  labs are big children.   
> And will knock over small children  in their silly eagerness to  
> play.   I can tell you've  never owned a lab...
> Ursula    (who has owned 4  labs)

Well actually I think I do.  I believe that the father half of  what  
I've got--son a of purebred border collie, impregnated by a  wandering  
dog--was a lab.  Mac has an un-border collie obsession  with tennis  
balls, is square in the shoulders, has no herding  instinct.  I like  
labs.  I like some Rhodesian  Ridgebacks.  I like big dogs, all the  
way up to Bernese Mountain  dog and Newfoundland.  My equivalent of  
the Eric Yost's fantasy  dog, the dog I think I'd like but will  
probably never own, is the  Scottish Deerhound, good for practically  
nothing except taking down  deer on one's vast Highland estate.

No, the dogs I see up at the park are  definitely part lab.  Black  
labs hereabouts are not sucky  dogs.  They are expensive hunting dogs,  
and the castoff ones, the  ones who do not make the grade are  
sometimes unpleasant.

But I  agree with Lawrence.  It's all in the training and   
socialization.  All breeds come in a range of temperaments.  And  an  
idiot in charge of an animal is like an idiot in charge of a   
truuuuck, an idiot.

How strangely liberating it is to talk of our  love of dogs.

I suppose I'd better search out the border collie  list.  I bet half  
the posts are by the dogs  themselves.

David Ritchie
Portland,  Oregon
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