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I saw a documentary last night on using food to treat heart disease, diabetes, 
high blood pressure and other illnesses. Not to control disease, but to 
actually heal it.  It's very scientifically based, I recommend the movie. 
 There's a lot of push back on this subject by financial interests for the 
obvious reason that sickness is big business, as is purveying sickness in the 
form of our so called food industry.  Also, almost all, if not all, the 
organizations that purport to represent illnesses as well as wellness, like the 
American Heart Association, the American Dietetic Association, all of them, are 
infiltrated and funded by the pharmaceutical and food industries (Monsanto, 
ConAgra, etc.).  From there the tentacles extend into government with, among 
other things, subsidies to the corn industry (ADM, others), which is to say, 
the meat and dairy industries, but not a dime spent on fruits and vegetables.  
I notice that even CSPI (Center for
 Science in the Public Interest), for all their advocacy, doesn't touch 
Monsanto and the other big companies, never mentions them.  Literally, they 
don't dare go against them.  (Food, Inc. by the way for anyone who hasn't seen 
it is well worth the effort. too)
The movie was made by two mainstream doctors, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, 
cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Colin Campbell, nutrition 
researcher at Cornell University.  Dr. Colin Campbell in particular is the 
author of the China Study, a huge comprehensive and quite famous study going 
back into the 70's that explored disease hot spots in China and their 
connection to food.  They make the point that epigenetics are all important, 
which is to say it takes environment to express genes.  Genes on their own 
aren't that critical, perhaps even relatively meaningless when it comes to most 
disease because how they're expressed is very contingent on the environment 
they're in.  Below are two links to lectures by Drs. Esselstyn and Colin on 
YouTube for anyone who's interested.   I've been waiting for their movie and 
finally found it yesterday.  The movie is called Forks over Knives (obviously 
food over surgery).  I think they want to do for disease
 what Al Gore did for global warming.  It will probably have the same impact Al 
Gore's movie had, which is to say none for the most part, plus it won't have 
anywhere near the notoriety.  Still, for those few who are interested, it can 
have profound, and virtually immediate results in improving, and even perhaps 
saving one's life, and certainly enhancing quality of life.  Forks over Knives 
is on Netflix.  Below are the lectures for anyone who's interested:
Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Animal Protein and Cancer
The movie Forks over Knives is available on Netflix.

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