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  • From: Eric Yost <NYCEric@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 00:39:50 -0500

Are Republicans and Conservatives mostly “True Believers”?
Are Leftists mostly “Atheists”?  Where do Liberals fall?

In general, one would assume Liberals would tend toward either atheism 
or fervent religiosity with no middle-ground.

If you don't believe a god of some sort is going to apply justice in the 
next life, you would seek justice in this life.  And if you seek justice 
in this life, then Liberal issues relating to the poor, the environment, 
and the debt we leave to future generations would matter a lot.

Also if you are fervently religious, and of a thoughtful bent, you might 
seek to imitate Christ and that would again lead you to Liberal issues 
and Liberal causes.

Conservatives, on the other hand, might tend toward moderate religiosity 
perhaps out of a sense of traditionalism. However they would be unlikely 
to display the kind of religiosity that could interfere with the 
acquisition of wealth, the securing of their personal comfort, or 
threaten to upset the status quo. However they might be passionate 
adherents of the kind of religiosity that encourages wealth, comfort, 
and the status quo.

Granted these are stereotypes, but the question itself has to do with 

Regards to all,

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