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--- Andy Amago <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think England has
> always had something of a
> modified caste system.  Children are tracked for
> school for example.  

We have private schools, public schools (the smarter
and better private schools) and state schools.  Almost
all state schools have for some decades now been
comprehensive, i.e., they do not select by "ability"
(in theory, anyway). But of course schools differ by
catchment area.

The US has greater extremes of inequality than
"Europe" and social mobility is decreasing in the US. 
Extremes of inequality in the UK are far far less than
in the US but inequality here is increasing, we are
more like the US, in that, than like the rest of
Europe.  Social mobility is declining here in the UK. 
I had read that it was also declining in the US but
the report cited belowe says not, so I need to check
further (or perhaps someone here knows). I quote from
that report

    * In a comparison of eight European and North
American countries, Britain and the United States have
the lowest social mobility
    * Social mobility in Britain has declined whereas
in the US it is stable
    * Part of the reason for Britain's decline has
been that the better off have benefited
disproportionately from increased educational


Judy Evans, Cardiff

> that might be my understanding.

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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