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That's one of the more profound e-mails I've read recently (I'm obviously  
waayyyyy behind in my e-mails).  I'm glad you posted it.  
Julie Krueger

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>>What the hell happened to the song "Love Makes the  World Go Round" and has 
the guy responsible been shot yet?<<
Hmmm. Don't know.  There's a Perry Como version and a  Madonna version and an 
Ashlee Simpson version -- all are pretty pathetic.   All should be shot for 
foisting their versions on the public, but I  don't believe any have actually 
been shot.  Pity.
You must remember, Julie, that in poorer neighborhoods you're  in greater 
jeopardy of bodily harm, but in richer neighborhoods you're in  greater 
of spiritual harm.  Never forget the maxim, if you  need help seek out the 
poor.  I've never known the rich to give a damn, the  poor understand.  But 
it's just the crowd I run around with.   Some rob with a gun, others with 
law.  It's all the same.
Mike Geary

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