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JE:  It also shows what kind
of crime comes under the heading of "violent crime".  I'll list
the categories:

This list is amazing. Unless there is a clear threat to person, how are ANY of these first 10 'violent' crimes?

car  theft
theft from car;
car damage;
motor bicycle  theft;
bicycle theft;
burglary attempt;
theft  from garages;
theft of  personal property;

The last two are obviously violent crimes

sexual  offences;
assault and threat.

I guess the definition of "homicide" might include people accidentally run over by a bus.

One early winter morning, I was walking between two parked cars and I slipped on some ice. In the process of breaking my fall, I accidentally broke a guy's tail-light with my a shopping bag full of bottles I had in my hand. I had no idea that this had occurred and after refilling my bag, I went on my way. Normally, this would have involved me paying restitution to the car-owner and I would have been more than happy to do that. But... it just so happened that the car-owner was a cop and he had me arrested for "willful damage under $500" or some such verbiage. After being notified of what the charges were, I argued with the arresting officer that it was hardly 'willful' to which he said with a quizzical look: "doesn't matter!" In the end, after 4 hours of being under arrest -- a time period when they actually tried to intimidate me into 'confessing' to breaking the light on purpose -- they ripped up the citation and I paid for the light lens. What a great idea... too bad they couldn't have mustered a sensible thought in the first place. Maybe if the cops had some murders to investigate they wouldn't harass law-abiding citizens.

looking for sense and maybe some war veterans,


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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