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If it's Krav Maga with a shiv in your  heel when out and a 12-gauge at home
huh?  Kray Maga?  Shiv?  Is a 12-gauge a pistol or a  rifle?
I used to have a large very property protective dog - I never bothered to  
lock my doors.  He bit 3 different people (including myself) and had to be  put 
I live across the street from a transitional neighborhood which is  
essentially filled with drugs, alcohol, and guns.  Cops run through there a  
times a day.  On my side of the street are 4 very respectable  middle-class 
(of which one is mine).  The land across the street used  to be open field I 
rode gottland ponies through.  Then some shmuck decided  to put up dozens of 
the most poorly and cheaply built apartments possible.   I have deadbolts on my 
doors, but the window locks are not very secure --  can be pushed with a 
stick.  I've had bikes and trash cans stolen from my  driveway right up against 
garage door.  No one has attempted to break  in yet.  But....
My primary concern right now, though, is that I am temporarily  
transportationless  and do a great deal of walking.  Past some not too  great 
neighborhoods.  Hence my thought of portable mace or pepper  spray.  How hard 
can it be to 
point the nozzle in the right  direction?   And how far away does one have to 
be for it to take  effect, giving the macer or pepper-sprayer time to run to a 
place of  safety?  I've also thought about guns that shoot rubber bullets.
Julie Krueger
w/ bigger problems than self-protection at the moment

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Julie wrote:
 >I prefer either mace or pepper spray, depending on which does  least 
lasting >damage (something I keep putting off investigating).

ck: Don't use either of these unless you're pretty adept at  some form of the 
martial arts.  You have to get close to your attacker  for the sprays to be 
helpful, and if you're that close, you're in serious  jeopardy--in a position 
of self-defense, you vs. your  attacker. Disabling the attacker is your best 
bet. Or, if  you're a very fast runner, that's an option.
 Holding a can of mace (illegal most places; it's  really pepper spray they 
talk about) may make you feel more protected  than you actually are. People who 
don't know self-defense tactics often  mistakenly point the nozzle at 
themselves. (Same as with  guns.)  
I think a woman needs to figure out what she feels  comfortable with, 
self-defensively, and follow through with the plan. If it's  Krav Maga with a 
shiv in 
your heel when out and a 12-gauge at home, that's  what it's gotta be. 
Personally, I don't want guns in my house, but I'm now  living in such a 
area (the neighborhood and the town) that I'm sick  of it all. 
Unfortunately, loads of the gunshot deaths in these parts  are drive-by 
shootings (not necessarily gang-on-gang!), and stupid  scattershot gunplay, for 
hell of it. Carjackings aren't uncommon, though,  but by the time you reach 
for a gun in your glove compartment, it's all over,  one way or another. 
Btw, can anyone here stand watching those CSI shows on TV?  Isn't there 
enough violence on the news to satisfy even the hungriest  bloodthirsty person? 
are these TV shows (and news) feeding the hunger, as  that experiment implied.

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