[lit-ideas] Re: Didn't I tell you so?

  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 19:27:39 -0500

>>"You live in Canada and don't want a gun because guns kill people.  The 
>>implication being that you don't want a gun because you don't want to kill 
>>anyone.  I wasn't raised with any idea like that." <<   

Ack!  Surely you don't mean that you were raised with the idea that you should 
want a gun because you should want to kill someone -- anyone.  :  )   I'm 
giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

>>"But, of course if there are few criminals in Canada who use guns to do such 
>>things as I described, then why bother?" <<  

Thank you!  Yes!  Where there's gun control, there's less gun crime.  A 

>> "At Boeing years ago, my office was across the aisle from a very Liberal 
>> fellow who was against the owning of guns.  His wife was Canadian and he 
>> used to travel up there regularly - claimed to be treated rather shabbily by 
>> the Canadians by the way." << 

Tell me about it.  Those Canadians are the shabbiest.

>>"This fellow lived near the beach and had something of a hippy life-style." 

I knew it!  

>>"He was a big guy and despite his Liberal leanings could confront with the 
>>best of them." <<  

A hypocrite hippy and big to boot!  The bastard.

>>"He also had a baseball bat in his bedroom for defense." <<  

A caveman!  Jesus, is there no end to this man's ignominy? 

>>"The chances of your being robbed in your home are probably much lower than 
>>that.  I think it entirely reasonable to rely upon the laws of chance and 
>>take no precautions against either eventuality." <<   

Well, I'll be damned, you are rational.  : )

Mike Geary

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