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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 23:52:33 -0700

John: The fundamental problem, it seems to me, is that not only are we as a society "unzipping" politically along red/blue lines, we are "unzipping" socially along economic lines. I grew up knowing a fair number of rich and poor people. I suspect that most citizens in the U.S. today no longer have as wide a range of friends or acquaintances of differing economic status.

Or no friends at all.

"Americans, who shocked pollsters in 1985 when they said they had only three close friends, now say they have just two. And the number who say they've no one to discuss important matters with has doubled to 1 in 4, according to a nationwide survey to be released today. One explanation for friendship's decline is that adults are working longer hours and socializing less. That includes women, who when they were homemakers tended to have strong community networks. In addition, commutes are longer, and TV viewing and computer use are up.


Can it really be true that 25% of Americans have no friends at all? Can one use the term "society" for such a situation? That's 75 million isolated loners.


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