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> if you need help seek out the poor.  I've never known the  rich to give a 
damn, the poor understand. 

My personal experience  is the opposite. When I was most 
desperately poor, unhinged, living in an  SRO in one of the 
worst parts of town, it was the poor people who were the  
most vicious and hurtful. And it was rich acquaintances (not 
friends,  just acquaintances) who unexpectedly came to my 
aid, asking no recognition  or repayment.

It's all very romantic to think the poor are noble, but  
after watching homeless drunks fight each other with lead 
pipes at 4  a.m., after watching the skankiest toothless 
hookers sizing me up for a  manip or begging me for fix 
change, after witnessing closeup the extreme  mental illness 
of the homeless, the sadism and brutality of the ignorant  
poor on a daily basis, you might sing a different song.

Maybe the  noble poor image fits with some pastoral Christ 
dream, but in the real heart  of urban darkness, the poor are 
just part of a vision of demons. They eat  themselves and 
then they eat your  soul.

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