[lit-ideas] Re: Dead society walking...??

  • From: david savory <dsavory@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 07:36:14 -0700

>Andreas Ramos wrote:
>"Bush's plan: turn Iraq over to the UN, watch it go to hell, and then
>blame the UN."
>Very unlikely.  The current justification, and I believe the fundamental
>one all along, from the Bush administration for invading Iraq is to
>bring democracy and freedom to the Middle East so as to drain the swamp
>that has produced so many terrorists.

The Bushies are going to claim Iraq has gone to hell if it hasn't
achieved an endless suburban miasma of RV dealers, Krispy Kremes,
ticky-tacky Christian churches and girlie bars with Texas-style
couch dancing. And that's not going to happen. If Iraqis get
to vote, they'll probably bring in a radical cleric like al-Sadr.
"Democracy" and "freedom" mean significantly different
things to the Arab world: they are linked to oppression,
humilation and exploitation and it takes a total ignorance
of history to claim they don't have a point. If Iraqis get to
freely choose a future, that'll be great, but I'll bet a million
dollars that future won't be something mainstream America
will approve of.

Anyone read Karen Armstrong's "Battle for God"? It's a

David Savory
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