[lit-ideas] Dead White Man's Guide to the Classics

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 11:16:48 EST

I'm trying to retrieve the title of this stupid thing I saw online.
I did not internalize the data (whole title, or contents), but it looked --  
possibly in amazon -- like an intro to the classics, where Plato and Aristotle 
 were judged to be the oldest most dead white men.
Help in identifying title welcome. I'm hoping it has some Sappho in  it.
Don't you hate the phrase 'dead white man', or do you think it's  sexy?
_Bookdwarf » Who knew  long hair and dead white men were hot?_ 
(http://www.bookdwarf.com/?p=81)      Who knew long hair and dead white men  
were hot? What 
is with the spate of movies based on Classics? First  comes Troy. Now A&E is 
trying to get in on the ...
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