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Morally obligatory axims to live by for scholars and teachers:

1. Let not secondary/critical commentary on the work of a genuine philosopher
interfere with your study of that philosopher. This maxim is doubly obligatory
in the case of Kant - no, I don't know if obligation permits qualitative,
scalar differentiation - since no other philosopher has had more crap written
about him than he. (Btw: if Kant were alive today he would choose to live in
Montreal - specifically the NDG area of town in the West where Loyola College
and The Golden Moon Chinese restaurant continue to maintain their eternal and
categorical identities.

2. All papers submitted must be no longer than 15 pages exc. of Bibliography,
double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margims all around. Papers submitted by a
certain date will be given written feedback and stamped with a grade. Students
wishing to raise their grade are free to resubmit, taking into consideration
the instructor's substantive critical comments. Students wishing to receive
commentary on second drafts must include with their final submission a stamped,
self-addressed envelope.

This approach elimnates a large dose of bullshit from the final paper.

Walter O

P.S. Typical comments:

1) This sentence is unintelligible due to sentence structure.
2) You do not articulate the meaning of this concept and yet it figures
centrally in your argument.
3) This paragraph has no relation to the previous paragraph. Moreover, I do not
see how it contributes to any of the issues you address in this paper.
4) This sentence appears to contradict what you say on p.7. Am I misreading you
5) You need to document your interpretation of Kant's view here. I doubt that
Kant ever held such a view. 
6) Much of this paper is simply descriptive. It does not develop a clear
argument on the topic it claims to address. Biographical data on the writers you
cite show no necessary relevance to their arguments or to your critical analyses
of those arguments and should be deleted in the interest of space.
7) There is no need to include in your Bibliography texts that are not cited or
addressed in your paper.
8) I drink single malt, preferably Oban, 18 yrs old.

Quoting Phil Enns <phil.enns@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Paul Stone:
> "and so *********! (Sorry Phil - are you still in here, or there?)"
> We are NOT amused!
> I suppose it has been some time since I last contributed to the list.  A
> combination of the interference of life and a lack of interest or spirit.
> I was briefly tempted to respond to Walter O. and his comments on Kant, but
> having recently attended a conference on Kant, the joy just isn't there.  I
> think the lack of joy has to do with being around 'true believers' and their
> ability to drain from a subject any quality that might make it interesting.
> For instance, on the question of whether an embryo is or is not a person, a
> conference presenter pointed out that Kant failed to provide an answer and
> so we must search his corpus for clues as to what his opinion would be if he
> were alive today.  I immediately wondered whether he would still be in
> Koenigsberg or, having lived a few hundred years more, at some point he
> might have gathered the courage to travel beyond the city limits.
> I am preparing myself to start marking papers that I hope have as their
> subject some variation of themes on democracy, civil society, Indonesia and
> Islam.  I don't know where this habit came from, but it seems that academic
> papers written in Indonesia must include lengthy biographies and definitions
> that have no obvious connection to the argument but nevertheless take up a
> lot of space on the page.  I tried to address this problem by setting a
> limit on the number of pages I would read of any one essay, but this had the
> unfortunate consequence of reducing the number of pages that had meaningful
> content.  I am not sure what to expect with this latest batch.
> Sincerely,
> Phil Enns
> Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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