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So, just as your natives (of  a previous note) could recognize the
father, but the mother, likewise, are  you saying that a daughter can't
recognize a father like a son?


Exactly. She is wicked.

And a fictional character ("Sylvia") is as old as the actor that  
represents her:
Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now, _her_ mother was played (isn't this scary?) by her mother: Denner. 
"Like mother, like daughter" is never used, not so much because it is  
_false_ but because it is _otiose_.
Recall I. A. Richards:
"Sometimes it is held that whatever is redundant or otiose, 
whatever is not required, although not obstructive or disruptive, 
is also false." (Principles of Literary Criticism).
but of course it ain't!
I asked a female friend of mine,
     "Why do Americans always say, 'you son of a  bitch', but hardly, 
'daughter of a bitch'"
Without a hesitation, she responded,
     "Because that would be otiose when you can call  _her_ a bitch 
And does the same apply to "m*therf*cker"?
     "F*ck off," she said -- and showed me her middle  finger.
J. L. S. 
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