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for those of you who bear an interest in the issue, I would suggest two
sets of readings. here (duke) people fight a lot around the issue
whether we can tell that a belief is or isn't a desire, and M. Pascal
Engel (universite de geneve, CH) has developed a sustained set of essays
on the so-called voluntary belief.

One of the strange problme posed by religious beliefs is that imho, lack
a way of discriminating. To wit: if I am convinced that there are
reasons to believe that god is one and three or some such, why not that
Brahma built a bridge?

for those of you who like such views I humbly propose you take a look at
a nice volume (ed by L Antony and published by Oxford UP) called
philosophers without gods

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Andreas is into  something:
> "And then there's politics and religion.  These seem to thrive on logical
> impossiblity. The christian bible is a  morass of illogical statements, 
> riddled
> with logical contradictions.  Yet that doesn't bother the believers at all.
> We can stick to our principles and say "that's irrational,  and therefore
> you've lost", but that doesn't go anywhere. They still  believe their ideas 
> and
> we end up having to deal with  that."
> I agree. It's sad to, but I have to.
> People are _aware_ that what they believe is _false_ and  yet they convince
> themselves (or strictly, their selves) that it's still worth  believing (with 
> a
> bit of effort from the will).
> As the Oxford Dict. of Proverbs has it,
>          "We soon  believe what we desire"
> or
>            "Desire is the mother of the thought"
> Tertulianus said that vigorously.
>          HEATHEN:  Virgin Mary was not a Virgin.
>          TERTULIANUS:  What do you mean?
>          HEATHEN: She  gave birth to a boy through her
>                       uterus. What virgin is that?
>          TERTULIANOS:  Credo, quia absurdum.
>          HEATHEN: And  then Moses opened the waters
>                        of the Nile?
>          TERTULIANUS:  What about it?
>          HEATHEN: What,  the river has ears?
>                The river follows commands?
>          TERTULIANUS:  Credo, quia absurdum.
>          HEATHEN: And he  resurrected?
>          TERTULIANUS: He  who?
>          HEATHEN:  Jesus Christ!
>           TERTULIANUS: Yes, he was crucified and
>                buried, but resurrected -- was
>               brought  back to life and elevated
>                in body and soul to the Heaven.
>               Credo  quia absurdum.
>            HEATHEN: So we'll meet in  Hell?
> TERTULIANUS: No  -- with the apocalypse.
>           HEATHEN:  What's that?
>            TERTULIANUS: When the bodies of the
>               deceased  will be brought to life
>               in  body and soul and meet the Maker.
>           HEATHEN:  Complete with fireworks?
>           TERTULIANUS:  Credo, quia absurdum
> Cheers,
> JL
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