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> > >AA The only pop tops I have are sardines.  I use them instead of hot
> Do you put the sardines in miniature, 12-grain, no-preservative buns?
> kind of condiments do you use?
> always looking for a substitute for hotdogs.

I was mostly kidding.  But kidding aside, sardines are fantastic, one of
the best sources of omega-3 oils available, as good or maybe even better
than wild red salmon (canned is always wild; meat/fish counter is always
farmed).   Mustard works on sardines, so does any kind of hot sauce.  Even
ketchup, some are even packed in tomato sauce.  They work in a sandwich of
100% whole wheat bread (not wheat bread, which is mostly white flour, read
the ingredients; it has to say 100% whole wheat).  

I used to eat a lot of sardines until I burned out of them.  Then I swung
to near vegan plus fish oil pills.  Now I'm thinking about going back to
sardines/salmon.  Nutritionally, the water pack would be better because the
oils in the oil pack might dissolve the omega-3 oils.  I don't know if that
would change their structure, but it would at least require eating all the
oil, which can be fattening and defeat the purpose of eating the omega-3's
(the body doesn't need that much oil, plus the oils would compete with each
other for who did what biochemically).  I also make "salmon salad" (canned
red salmon) using fat free mayo for this reason and put it on Ryvita
crackers, the ones with the sesame seeds (delicious, but only the ones with
the sesame seeds; the others are just dry), never refined grains. 
Polyunsaturated oils (corn, safflower, etc.) are downright harmful.  Monos
(olive, peanut) are somewhere between neutral and positive.  I don't use
oils, just eat the food the oil is in.  Kind of what bothers me about fish
oil pills, except I like the idea of vegan.  

BTW, it's not good to overdo any food.  In large quantities (more than most
people eat) seafood can be high in mercury.  The worst are the top of the
food chain predator fix like shark, tuna, swordfish.  Sardines are the
little guys, they should be okay.  Canned salmon should be okay too because
it's mostly Alaskan, where hopefully the mercury isn't a problem.

Anyway, checking my mail.  Talk to you later. 


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