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He trained in and played for their youth team, which takes people from the age 
of nine. ( But people do say "Arsenal" when they mean "Arsenal 
Academy/Arsenal's youth team".) He signed for Arsenal when he was 17.  He has 
now signed a long-term contract.

My next door neighbour's son was to try out for Cardiff City, i.e. Cardiff 
City's Youth Academy, when he was about that age.  He had to miss the trial 
because of an accident -- he cut his arm very badly'; he is thank goodness OK 
now  -- and apparently, he may have lost his chance of playing for it/training 
in it.  Not that he can't try again, but it was the crucial time.

(He's a great kid, too.)


Judy Evans, Cardiff

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"Wilshere, 18, has been at the Gunners since he was nine years old,"
This from a BBC story about one of Arsenal's players signing a long-term 
contract.  My question is why did they wait so long to sign him in the first 
place?  At age nine they must have had what...three years' evidence of his 
playing ability?  What an extraordinary world.
David Ritchie,Portland, Oregon


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