[lit-ideas] Confessions of a gear-had

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My nephew Sean has taken the more common approach and stores his data in
Cloud, but I have never been comfortable with that & prefer multiple larger
and larger drives - and this doesn't count my external storage drives.  


I'm keeping my eye on thumb drives as well.  The largest one I have is
256GB, but I just noticed a 1TB thumb drive:
&ie=UTF8&qid=1423145317&sr=1-40&keywords=thumb+drives  The price is $849.99
from Amazon.  The advantage of the solid-state thumb drives is that they
will transfer data more quickly than my main drives.  However, I'm almost
done moving data around for now.  Besides, my 256GB thumb drive cost $90.  I
could buy another three of these and spend less than the price of the 1TB
thumb drive; so I'll wait until the price drops.


What data do I need to move around?  photos, from my other life as an
amateur photographer.  J  See www.lawrencehelm.smugmug.com  Shooting in Raw
fills up a drive in a hurry.




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Even thought you had to "show off" as the kids sa on the 5tb drives.


Best to lawrence

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