[lit-ideas] Concerning the struggle to abolish first names

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_A contribution to the word class struggle as a Norwegian love story_

1. Introduction
For many years I tried to have first names banned.

I saw the use of first names as a Heathen-Christian practice or mal-
practice, founded on word-magic and mystical thinking, thus pure 
idealism. The use of first names gave fertile soil for conspiracies 
between persons who had mutual knowledge of their names. First names 
gave a false sense of self. People one could expect more from, left 
names and addresses as if they lived in a safe society. Thus, the use 
of first names was corrupting, confusing and weakened the survival 
instinct. I struggled against first names for political reasons: I 
wanted to survive the 20th century!

With the passing of years, my trust in my fellow people has increased 
steadily. Today I see no reason, consequently, to conduct my struggle 
alone, but rather to come out in the open in Windows* and ask for 
support from readers who share my basic outlook.

Thus, my name is Georg Johannesen.

I expect a series of anonymous mails.

[Georg Johannesen, 'Om kampen mot bruk av fornavn', _Vinduet_ 1, 
1972. Translated by T E Fjeld.]


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