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Dear Sherrie,


My computer crash wasn't that serious as it turned out, but I didn't know it
at the time.  I didn't know what was wrong; so I began R&R, Remove and
Replace, as the simplest method to get the computer (my three-years-old
desktop) running again.  The problem turned out to be the monitor which I
didn't initially suspect because it wasn't all that old but while I was
still searching I decided to get a new desktop, one pretty much like my old
one, from www.Ecollegepc.com  Every computer I've gotten from them has
worked well and been durable.  My present desktop is three years old
although some of its components are older but it is still in good condition.
I replaced the power supply and upgraded the video card.  Now it is destined
for Susan's office.


I copied the C Drive and will put it in my new desktop when I get it
probably later this week; so both computers will have the same information
and programs on it initially.  My new computer will have 16GB of Ram, a 1TB
C Drive and a 5TB E drive.  It will have a better Video card than the one I
had on my old desktop, maybe comparable to the new one I recently installed,
and a better sound card.  The computer I'll be putting in Susan's office has
8GB of Ram and will have a 1TB C drive and a 3TB E drive.  At present her
office-computer-area is cluttered with a lot of wires but I'll have a lot of
things installed in the console now.


Sean and I have been communicating back and forth about Apple Computers.  He
keeps trying to talk me into switching from Windows to Apple.   If Microsoft
discontinues Windows 7 I will give that some serious thought.  In the
meantime I am at a point where I am tempted to get a used or refurbished
Apple Laptop to play around with.  I read about the Apple Operating Systems.
Their latest system, Yosemite, seems designed to integrate or accommodate
all the Apple Devices out there nowadays; something I wouldn't be interested
in.  If I get an Apple Laptop it will have either a Lion or Mavericks
operating system.  


The only "device" I'm interested in nowadays is the Kindle 8.9" Fire.  I
used to switch back and forth between my old Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle
for PC on my laptop, but the Kindle Fire lets me prop the device in an Otter
housing so I can read hands-free.  It is easier on my eyes than either the
old Paperwhite or my laptop.  Sean scoffs, thinking his Apple IPad is
superior to the Fire, but I don't want to do the things he does with his
IPad.  I want to read books and the Fire does that better IMO than anything
else.  The Fire also lets me watch movies.  Since I already pay for Amazon
Prime I can watch any Prime movie on the Fire without additional expense.
The quality of the picture is so good that I can almost forgive the small
size of the picture.   I can also check my email on the Fire, a feature I
won't use very often, but if I'm stuck in a hospital waiting room I probably
will.  And just yesterday I subscribed to a magazine, The Smithsonian,
kindle price $1.99 per month.  I just finished an article on some of the
work done to preserve the Amur (Siberian) Tiger.  These Tigers have been
poached big time but Putin recently increased the penalty for tiger-poaching
- prison time instead of a fine, and the Tiger numbers are growing.  At the
end of the article was an interesting comment about the Tiger in general.
There are more tigers in the US (about 10,000) than in the entire rest of
the world.

            "For the thousands of tigers in private hands, from those in
big-top circuses and roadside attractions to others in backyard dens, the
regulations are inconsistent at best.  Six states (North Carolina, South
Carolina, Wisconsin, Nevada, Alabama and West Virginia) place no
restrictions on owning a tiger; 14 states require a permit; and 30 states
prohibit ownership, though in some of those states people have been known to
flout the law, as in the famous case of the man who kept a tiger in his
apartment in Harlem."

            As for me, I'm still happy with Ben and Duffy.  J


Love you,  


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