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My girls learn to use guns???  Am I out of my mind?!?!?!
Don't answer that.
My ex-husband's Mom, little tiny short fiery red-head with a short temper  
kept a claw hammer under her bed.  Some guy started trying to break in her  
front door in the middle of the night.  She heard him, opened the door, and  
him in the head with it until he ran screaming.  I takes all  kinds....
You are, though, very subtly and gradually tempting me to look into the  
Mossberg thing.
Julie Krueger
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Julie, get a big ol' shotgunish thing with ammo, take  shooting and 
gun-maintenance lessons (and have the kids take lessons) and be  done with it! 
May you 
never, ever have to reach under the bed to cock that  Mossberg. 
Sleep well,

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<<Julie: You'd have to be closer?>>

I  certainly don't have any stats, but it's my decided impression that one  
could shoot a rubber bullet gun from a farther distance than the reach of a  
base-ball bat, giving the assaulter (is that a word?) less time to get close  
enough to grab the bat, etc.  
Am I wrong?  Are rubber bullets only shot at extremely close  range?  A 
baseball bat is what -- 4' long roughly?
Julie Krueger

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