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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 19:36:08 EDT

I am completely flummoxed.  There must be an ovious solution here, but I am 
blind to it.  I have corresponded for years via e-mail with another person who 
uses AOL.  Suddenly a couple weeks ago, whenever I opened an e-mail from that 
sn, my computer froze entirely and I had to do a hard boot.  I did all the 
virus stuff, spyware stuff, clean up stuff, defragging, etc.  Tried again.  
thing.  BUT.....my computer sped through e-mails from *every other sn* from 
any server at all.  Just that *one* sn.  And every one of them froze my 
computer.  So I figured his computer had a problem.  He had recently had the 
AOL updates occur and we thought perhaps there was a corruption in those 
files which caused his e-mail to have odd actions.  He did the virus, spyware, 
cleanup, etc., uninstalled his AOL and installed a brand new up to date copy.  
Sent me an e-mail from that sn.  My computer froze.  Here's the weird thing.  
sent me an e-mail from a different sn on the same account using the same AOL 
and ......my computer read it fine!  So my computer freezes if it opens an 
e-mail from one and only one sn.  How weird is that???  What am I missing here?
Julie Krueger
too much sun has fried my brain

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