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One of the Leftist ploys when one doesn't want to discuss the issue:  Change
it to another issue.  Change it to something I'm not talking about. If I
talk about the conflict between Liberal Democracy and Militant Islam, change
it to Communism vs. a Muslim insurgency, confuse, confuse, confuse.  And
then when the parallel doesn't fit, as it obviously doesn't, blame me for
the absurdity.  But then what should I expect, right?


Oh wait, I haven't had my first cup of coffee, & didn't realize there were a
couple of more paragraphs.  Militant Islam, according to Andreas, was
founded by the CIA.  Well that explains it.  All those Hollywood movies
blaming the CIA for everything must have been right after all.


Andreas likes to ignore the many times I've traced the history of militant
Islam.  Unlike him I trace it ideologically beginning with the Wahhabi in
the 18th century, then the Salafists, Maududi in India and Pakistan, Al
Banna and Sayyid Qutb in Egypt, Khomeini in Iran.  It is an ideology.  The
CI A didn't teach Osama bin Laden to be a Militant Islamist.  He learned
that at the feet of the brother of Sayyid Qutb.  


As everyone else knows, the CIA's priority was defeating the Soviet Union,
opposing Communism in accordance with the Truman doctrine, not worrying
about Militant Islam.  After the CIA left, Osama founded "The Base," Al
Quaeda, but even he didn't found Militant Islam.  He only engaged in some
militant Islamic activities that caught America's attention. Prior to 9/11
it was the Militant Islamic organization called Hezbollah that had killed my
Americans than any other Militant Islamic organization.


And there Andreas is being silly, talking about the absurdity of calling the
jihadists of Afghanistan a tyrannical authority.  How long after the CIA
went home before Afghanistan was taken over by that classic tyrannical
authority, the Taliban?  And what did the Taliban do but support Osama bin
Laden? And what did Osama do with his Base but take up one of the arguments
of Sayyid Qutb, namely that Islam is still at war with the West?  The
Crusades are still in effect; so Islam must counter them.  






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> Both the articles that are the occasion of your objection illustrate

> something very important, that the conflict we are witnessing is between a

> Liberal Democracy and forces that favor tyrannical authoritarianism*.


> The other article, the Haaretz editorial draws our attention at a broader

> level to the same thing: a Liberal Democracy is fighting against the

> of tyrannical authoritarianism*, in this case Militant Islam in the form

> a Terrorist organization



I wonder how Lawrence would analyze the USSR's war in Afghanistan?


The Soviets fought a occupationalist war against Islamic resistance
fighters. Were the 

Soviets a bunch of leftists? Certainly not; the jihadists are New York
defeatist leftists, 

so the Soviets must be right wing conservatives.  Wait, were the Soviet

liberals or pro-American conservatives? They fought against jihadists, so
they must be 

pro-Americans, right?


A few more lines of this, and I'll have Lawrence marching in Red Square,
singing the Gimn 

Sovetskovo Soyuza.


The jihadists were funded by the CIA, so they were militant tyrannical
authoritarianists? Or 

the moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers? Were they freedom fighters
when their Stingers 

were aimed at Soviet Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship helicopters and Islamo-fascists
when their 

Stingers were aimed at US Apache helicopters?


What happens when a dusty Mujahideen fighter is spinning around in a field,
aiming his 

missile launcher at a Hind, then an Apache, then a Hind, then an Apache? Is

changing his definition with each spin? Or is the poor jihadist just totally


I can't wait for "Taliban! The Musical."








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