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Award winner Cindy Sheehan relates her fleeting conversation with Walter 
Mondale before getting back to Pelosi and the two-party monopoly ...


I was flying back to the states from Kristiansand, Norway, after receiving an 
award and was flying on the leg from Oslo to London. The flight's purser 
pointed out one of my "countrymen" sitting in 2D. I had already been recognized 
on the flight by the crew because I had won the award and been on Norwegian TV. 
The purser pointed to seat 2D and told me that it was Walter Mondale.

I looked and did a double take, because he did not look so much like Mondale 
from about 10 feet away. I was eventually convinced that it was Walter Mondale 
(Former Senator from Minnesota; Jimmy Carter's VP, Democratic presidential 
Candidate in 1984 and Ambassador to Japan during the Clinton administration). 
So being the shrinking violet that I am, I immediately went to introduce myself.

After we established who I was and that he supported "Nancy" even though I was 
a "wonderful person," he looked at me and said: "Boy wasn't the FISA thing 
awful?" I said, "Yes, it's awful and my opponent supported it." He returned 
with: "Oh, I don't think she was really for it." My last question went 
unanswered: "Well if she was against it, why would she allow it to go to a 
vote, as Speaker, and then vote for it, as a member?" Note: On many 
controversial votes, Pelosi often does not vote, on the FISA Act she voted the 
wrong way.

Our chat was then over because he said: "Nice to meet you, good luck with 
everything," and looked back down at the paperwork he was reading. I had been 
dismissed for asking a question that has no reasonable answer. Nancy allowed 
the Act to come to a vote and voted for it, against the wishes of our liberal 
district, because SHE WAS FOR RETROACTIVE IMMUNITY. Not only are telecoms some 
of Pelosi's biggest donors, she has been in on the illegal wiretapping crimes 
from the beginning. As a member of the Democratic minority leaderhip's "Gang of 
Four" with Jane Harman (D-CA), Steny Hoyer, (D-MD), Sen. Jay Rockefeller 
(D-WV), not only was the gang briefed on Bush's FISA felonies, they were 
alsobriefed on torture. There was and is a rightful outcry on the FISA abuses 
(if the crimes weren't retroactively legalized, the penalites for breaking FISA 
laws are steep), but to me,  torture is a crime against humanity and, in my 
opinion, that issue, and lying to a nation about going to war and funding war, 
are the ones on which the Gang of Four and the Bush Crime Mob should be held 

Ever wonder why "impeachment" has always been inexplicably "off" of Pelosi's 
table?" Ever wonder why the most criminal and corrupt administration, in this 
country's long and checkered history that is liberally peppered with corruption 
and violence, is going to walk away and be allowed to live the rest of their 
lives in relative comfort and ease? Ever wonder why Pelosi's Congress has an 
approval rating under double digits? It's because the twin parties of 
corruption are the "Lawmakers" and the "Lawbreakers." How can Mondale credibly 
say that Pelosi did not "support" the legislation when she voted "Yea?" Did he 
mean that it is common for one to sell out his/her constituents and his/her 
principles when money and crime and punishment are involved?

Walter Mondale (a man whom I voted for three times) has been a political 
insider for generations and would not even broach the subject of accountability 
with me. Ever wonder why the system was allowed to decay so far that it appears 
that only a miracle can save it now from total socio-economic destruction?

This nation is in dire straits partially because of blind allegiance to a 
two-party monopoly (I used to say "duopoly," but what's the use?) that only 
exists to perpetuate itself and the unscrupulous system that supports it. That 
system built of popsicle sticks and set on a shaky foundation will soon go the 
way of all Empires unless our "leadership" becomes more responsive to the 
people's needs and less concerned with their bank accounts and personal power 

"Change" will not come from inside the monopoly. How much more proof do we need?


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