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I did my best. I sent the script to my Chinese friend; she received gobbledegook. As, I surmise, did Walter. My guess is that it's a Mac/PC script issue.

Meanwhile, I have been reading the obits. Alvin Wade "Jack" Bebb was born in Notus, Idaho and raised in Madras, Oregon. He moved to Oregon City and owned the Empire Heating and Air Conditioning Company, which is what you might expect someone from Madras to do. In 1966 he married Dorothy Heard. Their children were named, Penny Phillippi, Debra Philbrook, Casey Kennedy and Anita Whynot.

Dale Elbert Bigham was a dairy farmer. Peter Chern served in the Chinese navy, owned Lung Fung restaurants and is survived by his daughters Rosalyn Huntingdon and Marilyn Hashimoto. Jeanette M. Cochran is survived by Beanie McAnally. Juanita Sharp was born in Purdy, MO and worked in Portland shipyards during WW2. She was executive secretary of the World Science Fiction Convention, held in Portland in 1950. Vincent Charles Grauel is survived by his brother Timm Carlton.

Norman Lee Ramsey was the oldest child of Wade and Phronia (Johnson) Ramsey of Grand Junction, Colorado. "He graduated from Billings High School in Montana and went on to the University of Maryland before serving in the Naval Reserves. In 1961, he was called to active duty which led him to his career as an Electrical Technician for The Boeing Company."

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