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I read Chinese and speak (though not as well as I once could) two
Chinese languages, Mandarin and Amoy Hokkien (the native language of
most Taiwanese). In Shanghai the local language is a member of the Wu
cluster of dialects. How different is different?

Suppose I want to say "How are you?"

Mandarin: Ni hao ma?
Hokkien: Li ho bo?
Shanghainese: Nong ho va?

There are also the tones to worry about. Mandarin has four, Hokkien 7
(5 for open syllables, two for closed syllables), and Shanghainese, I
don't know.



On 6/27/07, Julie Krueger <juliereneb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Does anyone "here" read Chinese?  I realize there are fairly substantial
differences among dialects -- Mandarin, Cantonese, etc. -- the missives I'm
receiving are from Shanghai .... I have no grasp of what the linguistic
situation is there ....

Julie Krueger

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