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For a course titled, "The Not-So-Boring Victorians," I have been looking at art. I came across Briton Riviere whose brother in law, Sydney Thompson, is described in the Wikipedia piece as "the poet and breeder of deerhounds."

They don't write job titles like that any more.

Since I wanted to get my facts straight, I looked in our newspaper's Classifieds under "P." They don't write many job titles at all any more. The "Employment general" section is down to a little over half a column. On the bright side, there is an opening for a "Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 1" in Walport, but "prescreening" is required. For anyone who does windows, "image_makers" want a window cleaning "tech," experience preferred but not required. You can practice at my house.

The President of the U of O is a Lariviere. He's currently warning that there will be a "chill on donations" if the State Board of Higher Education do not approve a plan to construct an 80,000-square- foot operation center for the Ducks, which in this instance are a football team. Phil Knight is offering funding. On the classical music station as I drive around town, I keep hearing about the Knight Cancer Center and think, stupidly, "Night Cancer"?

President Obama picked General Clapper to take charge of America's intelligence. Elon Musk's private rocket, "Dragon" was a success, pushing forward the president's plan for the privatization of space travel. Locally, Mildred Orpha Timmerman and Clinton Gibler both died. Gibler's "celebration of life" will be held in Gresham; Timmerman's "cryptside service" will be in "Skyline Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home."

Quite Victorian, the idea of a crypt in a garden.


"A state-of-the-art [dead person] catapault"!

Carry on.

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon 
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