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> JL  writes:
>> Geary  knows more about this  stuff.<
> Sans doute. But where _is_ Geary?
Unsubscribed so that he can scribe.  He'll be back.  Meanwhile,  he has sent
me strict instructions on how you are properly to be  entertained.

I hope when  he comes he either refutes or confirms (or both, he'd say) 
Ritchie's association  of Gothic "kilbath", womb, with "killing", as in "honour 
killing". I was  recently reading the biography of Beryl Merkham (born Rutland, 
first 'aviatrix'  Abingdon-Halifax, etc.) She is "Felicity" in "Out of Africa" 
and possibly  features in "White Mischief" -- a Brit film -- too. Anyhow, this 
is what the  biographer wrote about the Nairobi scene:

"Paddy, the unusual companion of the Elkingtons' only child Margaret, was a  
huge black-maned lion. He was the only survivor of a litter of three cubs, the 
 offspring of a lioness shot by accident (Even in those days, when the 
accounts  of killing 'big game' read like unmitigated carnage, it was 
wrong or  'unsporting' to kill any animal 'in milk'." (p. 27).
The book features photographs of Prince Henry "with the lion he killed  
whilest on safari in 1928" and a similar photo (complete with dead lion) of 
Blixen; Edward, Prince of Wales, and Denys Finch Hatton -- the notorious 
Nairobi  bisexual. (Played by Robert Redford in the film).

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