[lit-ideas] Catching up

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 22:09:48 +0200

Hmmm - kind of quiet in here, these days.  So I'll ask a favour ...

I've just re-established contact with a friend who finished a PhD in the mid 90's, worked as a sessional for a while, but never found fulltime academic employment. Now he says he'd like to 'get back into' philosophy but has doubts that he can ever 'catch up'.

Although I am in a situation which gives me a lot of time to pursue various philosophical interests and projects, I too have for some time had no academic affiliation and my pursuits have been somewhat haphazard (and, I'm sure some would say, dilletantish).

Do any list members have any words of advice that will allay my friend's (and, I dare say, my own) doubts about being able to participate rigourously in current 'philosophical conversation' despite our positions outside of the academy?

Chris Bruce,
watching from the sidelines,
in Kiel, Germany
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