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The fish recipe?  Curry ingredients are dissolved in butter.  You cook the
fish lightly, in olive oil and the residue of this curry and butter mix.  In
a separate pan, cook shallots or onions in butter and olive oil.  Add
parsely and garlic and whatever else seems right.  Add white wine and cream.
Add curry/butter mix.  Heat gently.

Regular bananas, not plantains.

What else should I explain? My quip?   A little background art talk..."red
is the new black" or fashion talk, "silk is the new cotton"..?  One category
that seems significant to some people becomes another category that seems
significant to some people.  Hence the DADA thought, "Men are the new
women."  Sorry if I was too aphoristic.

A response to Mirembe's challenge?

To sharpen one's wit
cook Lit with blunt ideas and
curry no favors

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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