[lit-ideas] Re: Can't have a gun? Get a dog

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Maybe she got dogalzheimers and forgot about the cars.

Or maybe she was just sick and tired of you people.  I once had a rabbit who 
killed himself by jumping off a second story porch.  I couldn't blame him 

Mike Geary

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    JK: I still don't know if Indian families keep dogs as domesticated pets?

  My best friend in childhood was an Indian and his family had a German 
Shepherd named "Queenie". She had the same birthday as me. She was a very nice 
dog. We used to use her to retrieve the tennis ball when we were playing road 
hockey. Somehow, she knew that anything between the nets was off limits, but as 
soon as it went past either goal, she ran like the wind and brought it back for 
us. She lived a long life, got fat and then one day, remarkably, after living 
in the same neighbourhood for 15 years, got hit by a car. 


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  Paul Stone
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