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  • Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 22:53:13 -0700

Lawrence Helm wrote:

Good grief! I guess one of us “needs to read the posts leading up to this.”

Here is what Andreas wrote. Note that he has my statement in quotes. Note that he is disagreeing with it:


The Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan say you need to show the dog you are the alpha of the pack (aka show the dog you are boss).


Every trainer I’ve ever heard from says the same thing.


If you have a dominant dog, you had better prove to him that you’re the boss or you are in for big trouble.


Okay, let’s hear how your opposing theory, i.e., showing the dog he is boss, works better. And let’s hear who your authorities are.


There is no strawman. Andreas was wrong. I noticed that Andreas went off on a tangent about non-dominant dogs, but that had nothing to do with the statement of mine that he disagreed with.

Christ, I was going to read that Liberal-Marxist journal, The New York Times. (1) Andreas did not say that there was no need to sort things out when it came to determining whether you or your dog would be 'dominant.' What he did say, or imply, was that there were different ways of going about this. You reply to him as if he'd said something he didn't. (2) Nobody here expressed a wish for a theory in which training results in 'showing the dog he is boss.' That is what I called a straw man.

The dogs have been asleep for hours.

Robert Paul
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