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CB's words were/are  not a performative contradiction, at least not in the
exact same sense that "2"  may be one. "2" is one in a way similar to "This
statement contains only three  words" may be one. CB's injunction to "Stop
being so %"$"%"% rude" is,  logically, very different: for one, it is a moral
injunction rather than a  statement of fact; for another, sometimes an
emphasiser like  &%%"^&&" might be thought justified and not  rude.


I submit to the facts:

---- begin quoted  post

> Chris Bruce,
>  dispensing wth the polite insincerities, in
> Kiel, Germany

At the  risk of seeming a tad pedantic in these moments of irrational
passion -
is  there any other kind of passion? - may I suggest that cb's exhortation
render the utterance euphemistically) may be a case of  performative

--- end quoted post.

J. L.  Speranza

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