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Years ago, a music critic for the Times told me that one as a "German" joke. The "German," emblematic of someone single-mindedly following orders, beats his mother to death with the chair. It's part of a set of similar jokes.

During the French Revolution, two Frenchmen and a German are sent to the guillotine. The first man sent to the platform is a Frenchman. When the rope is pulled, the blade falls, only to stop with a thud inches above his neck.

"It is a miracle!" exclaims the Frenchman in the guillotine.

"Indeed it is a miracle!" exclaims the crowd. "Free him."

He is set free, and the other Frenchman is put in his place. The same thing happens. The blade stops short of the Frenchman's neck. His claim that it is a miracle is echoed by the crowd, and he is also freed.

The German is brought forward, and as he ascends the platform, he looks up at the guillotine.

"Oh," says the German, "I see what the problem is!"

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