[lit-ideas] Re: CFP: PEACE REVIEW on the PsychologicalInterpretation of War

  • From: John McCreery <mccreery@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 10:53:54 +0900

On 2004/12/09, at 10:15, Lawrence Helm wrote:

> The war (war on terror) was started by the Islamists.  It was.  
> Islamists
> attacked us.  That started the war.  Bush responded by declaring war 
> not
> only on those who attacked us but upon those who gave aid and comfort 
> to
> them.  That was an appropriate response to this sort of guerrilla-type 
> war.
> Saddam was in the second category not the first.

I so largely agree with Lawrence's approach to analyzing the causes of 
war that it seems almost churlish to ask the question, "Why Saddam, in 
particular? Why not one of the other dictators who have also sponsored 
terrorism and, in actual demonstrable fact, have been responsible for 
the spread of weapons of mass destruction, e.g., Kim Jong-il?

Or, to put the question another way--the way my Navy Lieutenant 
helicopter pilot daughter (whose Marine Corps husband is currently in 
Iraq) put it to me--"Dictator. Harbors Islamic terrorists. Weapons of 
mass destruction, i.e., nuclear weapons. Dad, why aren't we doing 

John McCreery

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