[lit-ideas] Re: CFP: PEACE REVIEW on the Psychological Interpretation of War

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  • Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2004 20:16:08 -0800

on 12/7/04 2:26 PM, Eric Yost at NYCEric@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Maybe we should all just give up our pretense of being interested in
> things and establish academic cottage industries on peripheral themes?
> Studies Studies is a good start but there are a lot of people on this
> list. That's a lot of hungry mouths to feed, cold shoulders to clothe,
> and Honda Civics to replace with SUVs. Better start spamming now.
"There is the thing," began the fellow who just marooned me in a meeting for
two hours, "and there is the meaning of the thing."  The argument that
followed consisted of but two propositions: that identities and allegiances
in our world are currently shifting, and that some companies--Apple, Target,
Smartcar--believe that design is replacing marketing.  The latter
proposition he elaborated; in his view it is no longer the marketer's job to
sell the thing, or even the illusion of the thing; it is the designer's job
to make the thing appeal not just as a thing but as a part of a culture to
which the buyer wants to subscribe.

This may be the model for all our bright futures in cottage industry.  I
offer it as mold for our spam.

David Ritchie
Dept. of Late Modern Llamaneutics
University of Northwest South Wales

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