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Hey --
You wanna raise my fence so my sheltie can no longer jump it, mow down a jungle 
inside a frost wall (can't get the riding mower in there and it's too high for 
a weed-eater) that was going to be an add-on bedroom but the city/county people 
couldn't get their act together, and take down a couple of huge dead trees for 
me?  You can bring your bears if you want......
Julie Krueger
sick of yard work
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Irene: who's going to rebuild the country in cases of natural disaster? 
I'll rebuild my part of the country, but it will be tough work. Rebuilding is 
definitely tough. Last month, I cleared about 3600 square feet of vines using a 
sickle and a machete. It took several days. Lots of aching muscles and awkward 
callosities there, but that was the easy part. Then I had to reset three, 
thirty-foot rock walls into a hill, and reset a series of stone steps up to the 
orchard. It took about a week. Masonry work followed: I rebuilt rain gutters, 
and made a series of brick flowerbeds all over the hillside. You'd think that 
would be enough and I could congratulate myself and go watch TV. But no! I had 
to restore the orchard, and that meant clearing trees, mowing, pruning, 
spraying, demolishing an old shed with a sledgehammer, and move a--gosh, it 
must have been solid cast iron!--bench to the front of the orchard and level it 
into place. 
Then when I'm getting ready to kick back and write bucolics, Hilly the Bear 
makes his bad castle in the old rhubarb patch. Yeah rebuilding is tough. 
When we do rebuild the country, I would use a lot more blue paint and lay more 
railroad tracks. Maybe also stop signs should be black with yellow lettering. 
And definitely change those School Zone signs: right now they show two stick 
figures, one large and one small, standing way too close together; it looks 
like a sign meaning "Warning Child Molester." Whaddya think? 
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