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From http://www.ord.uscourts.gov/Mayfield/mayfield.htm

U.S. District Court --Oregon 

Information in re Brandon Mayfield

All inquiries regarding Brandon Mayfield should be referred to Judge Jones'
chambers - (503) 326-8340.
Information regarding proceedings on May 7, 2004 

Persons interested in material witness proceedings are referred to In Re Grand
Jury Material Witness Detention, 271 F.Supp.2d 1266 (D.Or 2003), and United
States v. Awadallah, 349 F.3d 42 (2nd Cir. 2003).

A closed detention hearing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. today, Thursday, May 20,
2004, in courtroom 10A. - entered 5/20/04 2:20pm

The court ordered Mayfield released pending further grand jury proceedings
wherein he remains a material witness. Mayfield's release will be supervised by
Pretrial Services.
The court notes that this hearing was scheduled prior to and independent of news
media reports. - entered 5/20/04 4:15pm

Due to the misidentification by the FBI of a fingerprint:

The court orders the material witness proceeding dismissed.
The court orders all property seized to be returned to the material witness and
copies of any property retained by the Government destroyed.
The court's protective order is completely rescinded. All relevant pleadings
previously filed are unsealed.
The court orders all previously sealed minute orders be unsealed.
The court orders the supervision of the material witness by Pretrial Services

Copies of the unsealed minute orders are available at the Clerk's office on the
7th floor in the Hatfield Courthouse.

The court will issue no further comment. - entered 5/24/2004 11:45am

Robert Paul
Reed College
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