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Among the things you could think about when you have nothing else to think 
about, and I'm not sure I can imagine when that would be..., but let that be 
for a moment and come with me on this..., among the things you could think 
about is how much it costs to re-paint a commercial aircraft.  On the Obit page 
of Friday's paper are a few squibs from the wire services.  Among them I found 
that when United and Continental merged they paid $137 million repainting 
planes and making "other merger-related changes."  Those change costs don't 
include $76 million in "severance expenses for early retirements" and $7 
million gain on the sale of three planes.  So, you can buy a plane for $2.5 
million, but painting it...well who knows what that might cost?

On the obits side of things we find that Mr. Millard McCoy and Ms Francis 
McFadden produced a daughter in Tennessee, who married a Frog, or a man of Frog 
descent.  So she became a Bové, which word derives from the French for bovine.  
Anything to escape being a real McCoy?  She named her daughter Renee (no 
accent).  Her grandchildren reverted to heritage, with a bit of a hippy twist: 
Douglas, Erin, Gaia.  In another Anglo-French heritage marriage, Lois Lamoureux 
(rough transl. "Lois, she who is in love") hitched her wagon-lit to John Roland 
Fagetter.  They were married thirty years, so he can't be accused of forgetting 
her.  Bruce Lulow is survived by his wife of 48 years, his son and daughters, 
his grandchildren, his twin sister, and his beloved Maine Coon cat, Jessie.  
Will I be survived by guppies, I wonder?  "Beloved" guppies would be an 
overstatement.  "Un-neglected" guppies is about it at present.

I was pretty sure I wouldn't be interested in the Olympics.  Just as I was 
pretty sure I wouldn't be interested in the Royal Wedding.  And how much of the 
opening extravaganza--seems about the right word in this instance-- did I 
watch?  Almost all--missed the first few minutes.  "Well done those Brits," was 
my reaction.  Yours?

This is Women's Weekend, which means J. and I had steak and chips and broccoli 
last night, while watching "Cinderella Man," which I didn't really want to 
see--not a fan of boxing--but quite liked.  L's off with her female chums, 
doing whatever it is you do on a hiking weekend when your knee is not really up 
to hiking.  I sincerely hope the car is not actually allergic to Fridays.  It 
has failed on the four prior Fridays, but yesterday evening's phone call 
suggests this week's fix is holding.

After making great progress on a play--words pouring out--on Thursday, I found 
I had very little to say yesterday.  Ah well.  At least I don't have to hit 
people for a living ("Cinderella Man" ref).  There'd be no steak if that were 
the case.  Not a lot of chips or broccoli either.

Carry on.

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon

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