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At 01:34 AM 11/13/2006, you wrote:
A bunch of us went to see Borat. It's extremely funny. It's also very original. And yes, there are many scenes that are in poor taste. But it's still a very funny movie.

I went to see it last week on opening night, but all three shows were sold out... we tried again yesterday and got to see it. It was a letdown. It's not even close to 'the funniest movie of all time' as some for-sale, attention-starved critics have said. I wouldn't rank in my top 200 comedies.

I laughed hard quite a few times at the sheer audacity of it -- and a couple of funny jokes -- but, probably mostly due to the last 6 weeks of Borat saturation in pop culture, and for the fact that I have already seen quite a few of the Borat interviews in the past year, his schtick was already old and the most raucous and compelling things were more disturbing than they were funny.

It is original in that it has no obvious brunt:

It makes fun of anti-semitism
It makes fun of Americans
It makes fun of Kazakstanis (sorry, I don't know what they want to be called or what anyone wants me to call them)
It makes fun of Americans view of Kazakhstan
It makes fun of Kazakhstan's view of America
It makes fun of the audience's reaction to all of that.

All in all, it's more of a spectacle than it is anything else. It's this year's 'have to see' film... just so you can say you did.

I laughed more in the first 15 minutes of Borat than I did in the entire rest of the film (about 75 more minutes). Everything that needed to be said was already said. The rest was just Jackass: Kazakh-style.


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada
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