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What's going on with food is very, very deliberate.  It's also connected to the 
medical industry.  No doctor has ever made money from healthy people who don't 
need them, and doctors are making oodles of money.  So is the so called food 
industry.  It is no coincidence that diabetes and heart disease and other 
obesity-related ailments are rampant.  Just follow the money.


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That's a good idea, and we could do with something like it.  I suppose it could 
be linked to something like Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food.

The current Government has cut back radically on public health promotion for 
reasons financial and ideological.  Its healthy food initiative or rather, its 
commercial "partners"', was a book of discount vouchers redeemable against 
certain of the companies' products, allegedly healthy ones; a book available to 
qualifying people on application/at some health-welfare centres, and to anybody 
who bought the News of the World.  There were also discount vouchers for only 
vaguely related products, for example, dining tables.

Oh I forgot -- the books weren't available in Wales.  

The only discount healthy food I can recall was a branded wholemeal bread which 
may still have been more expensive after discount than an own-brand one, and is 
no better than them.  

That was some while ago, the initiative sank without trace.  

Judy Evans, Cardiff, UK  

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>On Nov 5, 2011, at 6:28 AM, Judith Evans wrote:
>>>Here's what happens to your gestural ability when you get tucked into the 
>>>Scottish diet:
>>>Perhaps I should have written "one's" gestural ability?  Poncy perhaps, but 
>>>otherwise I >think it may sound hostile.
>>Particularly as some of us eschew deep-fried pizza?!  -- "one"'s underused 
>>now; "you" certainly can be ambiguous.I'm pondering the Welsh diet.  I'd say 
>>its deficiencies correlate with poverty, lack of education, and so on.  "Eat 
>>like the (Southern) English" isn't that sensible an exhortation, perhaps. 
>Here's one among several current U.S. responses to the problem.
>David Ritchie,
>Portland, Oregon    

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