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David Ritchie wrote

'Jantzen's suit came out in 1913. Lots of two-piece designs followed. In the U.S. the convention was that a woman's navel must be covered. In France, after the war, a suit named "bikini" was a design response to a one piece suit by a rival designer, one which, because it was small, had been called the "Atome." What to call a split Atome, one that might be worn by "bombshells"? Name it after the atoll where the French were exploding bombs.'

Not really. The French tested bombs elsewhere in the Pacific, but never on Bikini atoll, which was, as far as I can determine, subjected to benign destruction only by the US.

The first French test of an atomic weapon, Gerboise Bleue, took place in the Algerian Sahara, in 1960. Here are some gerboises hopping around.


Robert Paul
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