[lit-ideas] Birdwatching

  • From: "Paul Stone" <pastone@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 15:55:14 -0400

Okay, so this weekend marked the yearly migration of not only birds,
but thousands of bird-watchers to our small town of Leamington,
Ontario. Because of the early instance of both Mother's Day and
Victoria Day, this has made things even busier than usual. There's not
a B&B or motel within 20 miles that isn't booked solid. The question I
have is: WHY?

I don't see the fascination. I'm not trying to lessen the importance
of people's decisions to invest thousands in cameras/binocs, tilley
hats and vest, beautiful hiking boots and flights from the UK,
Germany, Netherlands and a dozen other European nations (all of whose
languages I heard at the local grocery store yesterday), but I just
don't get it.

I'm pretty sure there are at least some amateur bird-watchers on this
list. Can someone tell me what the fascination with our little
feathered "friends" is? Quite frankly, the birds at my house are
positively nuisance and I love it when I see one of my cats has done
his job. Starlings are squawking annoyances and if I had a pellet
gun... The robins eat 90% of the grass seed. The sparrows shit on my
car and corrode the paint. The crows chew the roof up. Other than the
blue-jays and cardinals (who are both quite beautiful -- well, the men
anyway -- and have joyous calls), I wish the birds would just get the
hell out of my yard. My scare-owl and cats do a decent job, but those
damned birds just come back year after year.


p.s. see, I told you I hate everything, especially birdwatchers and their muse.
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