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moreover..and while we are on the topic...an interesting essay on bird  song 
can be read at:
Guess  it's time for a cup of coffee and to retire back to the Slough of  

--- I was recently reading the script for Dennis Potter's _The Singing  
Detective_ (Faber -- originally BBC series -- now a major feature film with  
Downey Jr).
Potter has one of the characters sing (lipsync) 'Bird songs at eventide'.  
(For some reason there is a typo in the script, and the title of the  song 
reads, 'Bird song at eventide', sic in singular. Great song by  Coates and 
There are a couple of books on bird song -- here below is the amazon.com  
description of one. (There is one even called "The song of the dodo" which  
surprised me as I thought the bird was mute).
Bird Song has long been an inspiration  to poets, and a delight to many other 
people, but why do birds sing? Bird song  has been studied extensively in the 
past few decades, so that there is now  hardly an area of animal behaviour on 
to which studies of song do not shed  light. This book explores the study of 
bird song from the biological viewpoint,  reviewing the literature written on 
the subject and considering its intricate  nature. It is written with a wide 
readership in mind so that, while  undergraduate and postgraduate students of 
biology may gain particularly from  it, both professional biologists interested 
in bird behaviour and amateur  ornithologists with some knowledge of biology 
will also find it a mine of  information. 

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