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I watched it with 'disbelief' as well, even laughing at times, ALTHOUGH, in 
a wormish way, what he said is absolutely, technnically TRUE.

It's funny how they (politicians) can be so selective with the truth though.

The Democrats [and their supporters] are ABSOLUTELY certain about "global 
warming" and we know a lot less about that than we do about transmission of 
HIV. But if you tell them that (I guarantee that someone here will 
challenge me on it) they'll look at you just as crazy as they will at Bill 
Frist, M.D.

Maybe this is an instance of that 'negative theology' that people have been 


>Physician, Heal Thyself
>(From The New Republic Online, Notebook 15 December 2004)
>Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist doesn't like to let people forget that, in
>addition to being a politician, he's a doctor--going so far as to stencil the
>letters m.d. ostentatiously next to his name on the door of his Capitol 
>But, in a recent interview on ABC's "This Week," Frist showed that politics is
>truly his first calling. Playing off a recent House Government Affairs 
>report that found that eleven of the 13 federally funded abstinence 
>programs are
>giving out false information-- including such nuggets as "the actual 
>ability of
>condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV/aids, even if the product is 
>is not definitively known" and "the popular claim that condoms help 
>prevent the
>spread of STDs is not supported by the data"--George Stephanopoulos wondered
>what Dr. Frist thought about one particularly dubious piece of misinformation
>pedaled by one of the programs: that HIV can be spread through sweat and 
>"Do you believe that tears and sweat can transmit HIV?" Stephanopoulos 
>asked. "I
>don't know, I can tell you," Frist replied before Stephanopoulos cut him off
>with an incredulous, "You don't know? ... You believe that tears and sweat 
>be able to transmit aids?" Frist tried again, sputtering, "Yeah, no, I can 
>you that HIV is not very transmissible as an element like, compared to 
>compared to the flu. It is not ..." The good doctor then went on to 
>explain that
>abstinence is an important part of any strategy to combat aids and 
>affirmed that
>the disease is "one of the great moral and public health tragedies of the last
>one hundred years." But Stephanopoulos refused to let him off the hook: 
>"Let me
>just clear this up, though: Do you or do you not believe that tears and sweat
>can transmit HIV?" Frist finally conceded, "It would be very hard. It would be
>very hard for tears and sweat, I mean, you can get virus in tears and 
>sweat, but
>in terms of the degree of infecting somebody, it would be very hard." 
>Funny, but
>you wouldn't think it would be so hard for a doctor to admit that.
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Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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