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  • Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 01:16:18 -0700

From: <JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx>

> Why isn't anyone paying attention to soul-less people who open fire on little
> children?  They're saying 200 dead in Russia and apparently since they don't
> speak English or sit on oil no one gives a rip.  Apparently the terrorists
> weren't just Chechens, but also Arabs from elsewhere and some who are 
> described
> as "English in ethnicity".

It's the main news at nearly all web news sites. Along with the upcoming 
hurricane (it's 
larger than the whole state of Florida) and Clinton's bypass surgery. The next 
few days will 
be dominated by these events.

The Republicans must be a bit annoyed; their convention quickly became 
meaningless news.

The Russian school attack shows that al Qaeda doesn't need airlines or dirty 
bombs. They 
could just as easily take a school. Last week, the Chechens blew up two Russian 
but that didn't have much news impact.

The Florida hurricanes are quite a news event. The media loves those big boys. 
Lots of great 
video. And there's a bit of schadenfreude to see Florida get whacked over and 
over again.


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