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  • Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 20:08:06 -0700 (PDT)

I only read the blurb and that didn't entice me to read further.  I had read or 
heard quite a long time ago that the NDE was replicated in the laboratory.  
That's why I said it's something that might be wired into the brain and tripped 
by death, or by however they did it in the lab.  
  Damaging something while expanding it (i.e., drugs) seems a contradiction in 
  A different issue completely, but there's an impending huge problem with 
Mexican drug cartels along the border.  They're an extremely sophisticated 
operation and growing fast, armed to the teeth with the latest guns and 
technology.  It's fueled by American demand (we're the world's largest 
consumer), and, ironically, the wall they're building is making it worse by 
making it now lucrative for the drug cartels to recruit those crossing the 
border to carry drugs in with them.  Drug demand is also growing very quickly 
in Mexico itself.  I doubt too many people's consciousness has expanded because 
of it.

Mike Geary <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      The article wasn't about drug use or expanded consciousness ( or 
unexpanded consciousness), it was about the causes of Near Death Experiences.  
The article argues that they're caused by glutamates or endorphins or 
a-endopsychosin and other chemicals produced BY THE BRAIN.  Maybe you might 
want to read the article again.  
  Meditation and yoga might well result in mental and physical changes that 
expand (I prefer 'alter') our *awareness*" as you suggest, but they do so by 
causing chemical changes in the brain.  There's no reason to believe that 
ingesting psychotropic drugs won't have the same effect.  Drug use might be 
dangerous to your health and welfare, but to dismiss the ability of certain 
drugs to expand consciousness is just wrong.  It tells me that you haven't yet 
gotten your hands on the right drugs, that's all.  
  Mike Geary

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