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  • From: Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:22:18 -0800

Eric wrote, to David:

You and Robert must be getting hammered with rain. By the way, you're not affiliated with the Portland (?) art school that dropped the student who questioned another student's belief in leprechauns are you?

We had been, as David's reported, hammered by rain, a whole lot of rain, a
wasteful amount of rain. Last nght we were to have had snow. A forecast of snow
scares everybody in the Willamette Valley out of their Volvos, Saabs, and Ford
F150s. The very mention of it in the weather forecast sends hundreds of cars
spinning off the road before a flake has fallen. But there was no snow. A few
sprinkles, yes, but snow--not really. We live at ca. 700 feet, and some snow
drifted onto the evergreen branches and garage roofs but didn't remain on the
ground. Now it's supposed to become cold and clear, which will maybe let us see
the shining mountains onto which some real snow fell.

I'd never heard of the Portland Art Institute until now. As David says, it seems to be part of a chain of 'Art Institutes' scattered around the country, somewhat
like the DeVry tech school chain. I've never met anyone who went to the PAI,
although perhaps those who did are too modest to boast of it. It surprises me
that the leprechaun story wasn't reported in the local media; but then no doubt
the Oregonian has never heard of the PAI either.

Robert Paul
putting away his snowshoes, just as the sun comes out...

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