[lit-ideas] Re: Back to Hegel (and further back to Aristotle)

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 23:48:10 +0100

Chris Bruce schrieb:
Isn't there a novel by that name co-written by Robert Louis Stevenson? I can't remember - what was in it (i.e., the 'wrong box')?
A corpse, of course; it's a brilliant novel, and there's also a first-rate movie, with lots of first-rate actors.
I at least have never thought such
     dull rubbish.  It is supposed to occur
     internally, without our being conscious of
     it. Of course, many things occur internally,
     e.g. the production of urine, and something
     even worse; but when that is externalized,
     we hold our nose.  Likewise with such

(There is a bit of wordplay on the verb 'schliessen' - here: 'to conclude' - and the German word for the anal sphincter: 'Schliessmuskel', which is beyond my - here hastily exercised - translation skills. Perhaps another list member ....)

I'd suggest we better leave it at this point and stop inquiring into the - er - internal depths of the master's polemics. Let's say he found this way of reasoning a bit disappetizing.


from Suebia
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